If you have damaged your teeth in an accident or you have sustained an oral injury on the sports field, Tara Rd Dental is able to guide you through the ACC process. Tara Rd Dental can also treat patients through the ACC system who have been injured in the course of their dental treatment at another practice.

We work with ACC to get you back on track quickly, and we recommend that you don’t delay booking your appointment – the sooner the better. ACC claims can only be actioned after a visit to an ACC registered dentist; when you visit Tara Rd, we can assist you in correctly managing your forms, and we can send the forms to the appropriate person.

After your first appointment, you will likely need to pay a portion of the standard fee and ACC will cover the rest. If there are ongoing costs for surgical or cosmetic dentistry, you will be informed by ACC around seven days after your first visit as to what portion of the costs they can cover. If you have an ACC emergency, call us to book a priority appointment, our friendly team is here to help you through the ACC process.