Cosmetic Dentistry can be a life-changing experience and at Tara Rd Dental Papamoa, we have a number of Cosmetic Dentistry procedures that we can perform that will positively impact your smile. For example, if you have gaps in your teeth due to decay, illness or accident, we may be able to remedy them with a Dental Bridge or a Dental Veneer.

For customers that need to address broken teeth or teeth that are largely made up of filling, we can fit you with a Dental Crown. This is a Cosmetic Dentistry procedure that essentially works like a prosthetic, slipping over what remains of your tooth to produce a life-like appearance. At Tara Rd Dental Papamoa, we can talk you through Cosmetic Dentistry options that may work to improve the appearance and long-term health of your teeth and gums.

Our Papamoa dentists fit Dental Veneers and can perform surgical interventions for those who will be best served by a Dental Implant. There are lots of options for correcting damage, wear and discolouration available today at Tara Rd Dental in Papamoa. Give us a call today and book a consultation to chat through the best options for you.