At Tara Rd Dental in Papamoa, Tauranga, we can custom make a Dental Bridge for your teeth. This is used to remedy a gap in your teeth that may occur naturally, with decay, or due to an accident. A Dental Bridge is usually attached to the teeth on either side, and it’s likely the dentist may initially fix a temporary Bridge. When it’s ready, your permanent Bridge is generally cemented into place; however, in some cases, you may need an ‘anchor’ – this is a surgical procedure carried out by our Papamoa dentists.

A Dental Bridge is an alternative to removable false teeth. You can expect to get many years out of a properly fixed Dental Bridge if you take care of the Bridge and the surrounding teeth. A Bridge may halt the natural lean of teeth surrounding a gap, ensuring that your bite doesn’t shift across time – this may cause pain or discomfort.

You can take care of your Dental Bridge in the same way you take care of your natural teeth. You should floss and always use fluoride toothpaste, plus keep regular dental appointments to avoid developing issues. When you opt for a Dental Bridge, you will need X Rays, the dentist will take measurements, and it may be necessary to file surrounding teeth to create a good surface for the Dental Bridge attachment. You could have a Bridge made from Porcelain, Metal or a blend of the two – and there are also Dental Bridges made from Zirconia.

Your Tara Rd Dental team in Papamoa can pinpoint what will work best for you when deciding on a Dental Bridge. Get in touch to book a consultation and chat through your options.