If you have lost a tooth our Papamoa dentists may be able to restore your smile with a dental implant. A gap in your teeth can affect your speech, your ability to enjoy your meals – and it can severely knock your confidence. A well-fitted Dental Implant will feel just like a regular tooth and should function as a long term solution with the correct care.

So how does it work? At Tara Dental in Papamoa, Tauranga our skilled professionals may be able to fit you with the initial stage of an implant on the same day you are having a tooth extracted. However, this is contingent on the state of the jaw after the extraction has been performed. In some cases, there needs to be a healing period ahead of fitting the titanium screw that forms the bed for your new tooth.

Once your specialist has fitted the titanium screw, and the integration into your jaw bone has settled properly, our Tauranga dentists can fit your crown or bridge – depending on what is appropriate. The process of fitting you with a new tooth is highly individualised, and it may be necessary to have you back for a few appointments across a couple of months.

The surgical component of having your Dental Implant fitted requires a period of recovery. Your Tara Dental dentist will give you instructions on how to expedite your recovery and what indications may point to a disrupted healing process. Dental Implants are available for gaps in the front and back of your mouth, give us a call today to set the process in motion – it may just change your life for the better.