At Tara Rd Dental Papamoa, we understand your smile and confidence are intrinsically connected, and we know that when your teeth are looking their best, you can take on the world! If you are dealing with discolouration or staining on your teeth, we can pinpoint the cause, help you understand ways to avoid future staining, and we can draw up a treatment plan to brighten and whiten your teeth.

There are various reasons why your teeth may have lost their sparkle, and at our Papamoa dentist, we have a few different approaches that we can set in motion to treat these issues. Our teeth whitening services are available to Tauranga patients over 14 years and you will see varying results according to the cause of the discolouration, your age, and the overall condition of your teeth.

At Tara Dental in Papamoa, Tauranga, we offer in house teeth whitening treatments that employ hydrogen peroxide. We take care of your gums properly throughout this process, so you receive safe and effective treatment. Dentist-led home bleaching systems utilise mouthguards and whitening gel – you can chat to your practitioner about whether this option may be a suitable course of action in your case.

If your discolouration needs to be treated internally, our expert Papamoa dentists offer an internal bleaching process – this is likely prescribed if you have a tooth that has lost nerve supply. We place a whitening agent inside the tooth for around 2-4 weeks – and repeat if necessary. This can be very effective in most cases, and you could also opt for a veneer or crown to treat this type of discolouration. It does pay to be aware that some teeth cannot be whitened; for example, you should avoid these types of treatments during pregnancy.

Make an appointment at Tara Dental Papamoa today to discuss a whiter, brighter smile.