While many people have an easy time with the introduction to the mouth of the third molars or ‘Wisdom Teeth’, this is unfortunately not always the case. Many people experience issues with their Wisdom Teeth including overcrowding in the mouth, recurrent infections, and in severe cases, impaction. At Tara Dental in Papamoa, Tauranga, we can treat your Wisdom Teeth with a removal / extraction and we can advise you on the best way to fully recover after this sometimes difficult procedure.

When your Wisdom Tooth presents as ‘Impacted’ this means that your tooth may have become trapped below the surface of your gums because there is simply not enough space for the tooth to emerge naturally. This can lead to the tooth coming through on a disparate angle and can cause problems for your entire mouth, leading to recurrent infections, pain and damage to your other teeth. Leaving an Impacted wisdom tooth untreated is not advisable and it may lead to extended costs further down the line. Our Papamoa dentists can assess your wisdom teeth and let you know if there are issues that need to be addressed.

If you are suffering pain, swelling in your gums, irritation or jaw pain you may need a wisdom tooth Removal/Extraction. This may also present as bad breath or as difficulty in opening your mouth properly. Left untreated impacted Wisdom Teeth can become extremely painful – it’s better to make an appointment with our Tauranga dentists as soon as there are any signs that your third molars are struggling to emerge correctly.

Our skilled Papamoa dentists may be able to extract/remove your compromised wisdom teeth. This would be done under local anaesthetic. For more complicated procedures you may be referred to a Tauranga oral maxillofacial surgeon and the removal/extraction would be performed in a surgical environment under a general anaesthetic. This is a fairly major operation and we encourage patients to take time off work and fully recover as complications sometimes occur without proper aftercare. Get in touch today if you feel like your Wisdom Teeth need spoke attention. The Tara Dental team in Papamoa, Tauranga are here to make sure that little issues don’t escalate – so don’t delay.