If you have chipped or damaged a tooth or your teeth have become discoloured, you may wish to look at Dental Veneers as an excellent option to address these issues. Veneers are also a good way to improve the appearance of teeth that are overly crowded – or to cover gaps in your teeth.

At Tara Rd Dental Papamoa, we offer Dental Veneers, which we construct from Composite (we also use this for fillings), or you can choose Porcelain Veneers – both of these bond tightly to the surface of your teeth. Veneers are essentially incredibly thin ‘shells’ that create uniformity and whiteness across your smile.

Every Dental Veneer is custom made to enhance your appearance, and each of these materials has different qualities. While Porcelain Veneers will most closely resemble your natural teeth, Composite Veneers are more easily repaired should they chip or break.

Dental Veneers can radically change the look of your teeth, and at Tara Dental, our Tauranga dentists can let you know which option will work best for you. Get in touch today for a Dental Veneer consultation in Papamoa, or to discuss other options to improve the appearance of your teeth.